Healthy Comfort Food

A thought popped into my brain as I was preparing to dehydrate 20 pounds of beautiful Yukon gold potatoes.   Why not make instant mashed potatoes?  We bought 50 pounds of Yukons at the farm in Klamath Falls in October.   They were picked that same day.  They are fluffy and smooth and amazing!

So why not do something different than the usual sliced and diced in the dehydrator.

Just to check to see how it would work, I took some dried slices and pulverized them in the Vitamix.  Next, I poured boiling water over the powder and let it sit for a half hour while I cleaned the equipment.  (Ok, 30 minutes isn’t instant but its easy and works in adverse conditions.)    The result?  Mashed potatoes!  Luscious, buttery mashed potatoes!  It worked!  Just add salt and butter!

So Prepper friends, even though I can’t eat carbs right now, this is a beyond excellent addition to the prepper pantry.  No chemicals, no additives.  Pure, real food!  Try it!


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